The mileOvision process is designed to enable the creation of valuable content and its multi-channel delivery through a production model that questions industry standards. We believe in exploring all possible ways of producing content: whether this is a 360° real estate production, an infographic or a website: we thrive to explore new ways, always looking for new opportunities to help our customers bring valuable content to the market as fast as possible.


Planning is key and we believe that going the extra mile before production start is crucial. We want our customers to be able to use content in as many different ways as possible, tailored to the channels they prefer. There is no environment that is developing and changing as fast as the world wide web. We therefore believe in the production of modular content and creating one digital asset that can then potentially be utilized in 100 different ways and shapes.


What does good look like? There is no final answer to this question and there will never be one. It is when our stories make an impact and the content we produce makes a difference, that we can begin to talk about quality.


Before any production, we want to understand: WHAT is supposed to be communicated, to WHOM, and WHY. Your answers to these questions lead us to the many HOWs and eventually into a strategy, concept, and production plan.


At this stage our concepts are coming to life.


The editing room is where the magic happens. Photography and Video Postproduction, Graphic and Motion Design, Animation, Data and Strategy Visualisation.. Here we can design, polish and fine tune every asset to the point of perfection, until it is ready to leave the mileOvision postproduction home. 




It is our mission to always go the extra mile when it comes to creating digital content strategies and assets as an inhouse production unit for companies thriving to achieve digital excellence.